Why Developers Feel Yii 2 Framework a Powerful Tool for Business Web Application Development?

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Rapidly improved to the older versions of PRADO, Yii 2 has amassed every trait of a modern PHP framework within a short time span, since its introduction. The term is pronounced as the typical “Yee” and it is the reduced form of “Yes it is”. It belongs to the order of Model View Controller Framework similar to those found in Laravel, Symphony, and CakePHP so on. Even though the framework is brand new, a Yii developer achieves faster speed and perfection for his development due to the modern cutting edge technologies added to the core coding. Yii is undoubtedly a fantastic platform for creating web 2.0 based applications. Here is an attempt to analyse how Yii 2 framework happens to be an effective tool in the hands of business web developers?

Saves a lot of money and time

A good platform should save the money and time of development process. Yii has updated automation services compiled in the Gii module. It demands only limited number of developers to complete a task with greater efficiency.

Safe and secure codes

No business entrepreneurs will like to see their websites getting hacked by some unknown sources. SQL integration of Yii codes are very difficult to breach. Yii has separate Cookie Attack prevention to ensure top class protection. The XSS and cross-site scripting are brilliantly configured to prevent a website from getting hacked. There are many other PHP frameworks that offer very good security. Still Yii 2 is a step-ahead in terms of security.


Additions or changes can be made to the core codes of Yii framework without any trouble. This framework in all means is extensible. Another important aspect of this framework is the fact that it supports heavy traffic which comes to a website. A website or application developed in Yii platform seldom keeps customers in the queue, even if heavy traffic occurs.

Robust cache components

XCache and Memcache are included in the cache mechanism of Yii framework. These additions are extremely helpful for the developers to maintain a proper data of the clients. Both components in Yii cache promote the performance of websites. A developer rarely spots platforms similar to Yii with such improved components to help website development.

Superb Social media Integration

In the current business scenario, it is hard to think of advancing in business without the aid of social media platforms. All the modern PHP platforms support social media integration to a large extent and Yii is not an exception to the point. Yii comes with improved APIs that can make all the popular social media platforms added to the website development with so much ease and perfection.

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